About Le’er

Le'er & azeztulite 1 (sepia)


I am an intuitive artist and a sound healer. I serve as a pure channel for the Universe and bring forth high dimension light codes and vibrations. Through my hands, I weaved Universal light into sacred sounds and vibrational art works to assist others in their awakening, transformation and expansion.

My journey of awakening began in 2007 when I met a clairvoyant from Australia who opened the door to a world that was way beyond the rational human thinking mind for me. That encounter and subsequent mystical events that showed up became my greatest blessing, changing my reality ever since. I now lead a life that is constantly guided by and aligned with the Universe, striving to stand in my purest light; maintaining my highest consciousness; and uniting with all here as ONE again.

My first experience with crystal singing bowls was in 2012 in a big and crowded conference room in Colorado, USA. I was already blown away by the powerful waves of vibrations from a Crystal Tones® Serpentine singing bowl even before I saw the little bowl at the far end of the room. Hearing the alluring song of the bowl seemed to have awakened an ancient remembering and touched the essence of my soul. I start playing singing bowls and hosting sound gatherings. My deep love for the bowls has eventually made me a dealer of Crystal Tones®. Sharing the magic of these amazing bowls with others is an absolute joy to me.

My love affairs with wands started when I fell in love with one at a store in Mt Shasta. It was a simple yet beautiful wand made with a twig, a smoky quartz and white leather. Holding it alone was already such a heart-opening experience! Later, during the same trip in Sedona, my beautiful friend picked up a twig from the ground and told me that I should perhaps try making a wand myself. Inspired by my Mt Shasta experience, I did so when I returned home…. and fell head over heels with the process. I ended up making more than just for myself!

Prior to venturing into the world of painting, little did I realise that one day it would become a spiritual practice for me – to let go of the need to control; stick to convention and the pressure to be ‘right’. I still remember how dumbfounded I was when I first discovered that by allowing my intuition to take over, colours would call out to me; images that want to be born would appear in my mind; and my hands would know how to bring them into physical form (onto the canvas)! The vibrational artworks here are a reflection of my journey of searching; letting go; and remembering my truth.

I am blessed to be able to honour my creative gifts, doing what I love. I invite you into my world of magic and awe.

From my heart to your heart, may you all feel the deep connection with the Divine within…



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