About Le’er

Le'er & azeztulite 1 (sepia)

I am an intuitive artist; a wand maker; a sound healer; a guardian of stones; and a keeper of wood. Just like you, I am the many expressions of the universe. I love playing with colours and sounds. I  co-create with the universe to bring forth sacred sounds; vibrational art and magic wands for transformation, expansion and acceleration.

My love affairs with wands started when I fell in love with one at a store in Mt Shasta. It was a simple yet beautiful wand made with a twig, feathers, a smoky quartz and white leather. Holding it alone was already such a heart-opening experience! Later, during the same trip in Sedona, my beautiful friend picked up a twig from the ground and told me that I should perhaps try making a wand myself. Inspired by my Mt Shasta experience, I did so when I returned home…. and fell head over heels with the process. I ended up making more than just for myself!

Prior to venturing into the world of painting, little did I realise that one day it would become a spiritual practice for me – to let go of the need to control, stick to convention and the pressure to be ‘right’. I still remember how dumbfounded I was when I first discovered that by allowing my intuition to take over, colours would call out to me; images that want to be born would appear in my mind; and my hands would know how to bring them into physical form (onto the canvas)! The vibrational artworks here are a reflection of my journey of searching; letting go; and remembering my truth.

I am blessed to be able to honour my creative gifts. I invite you into my world of magic and awe. 

From my heart to your heart, may you all feel the deep connection with the Divine within…

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