Light Coded Jewelry

All the jewelry are light activated. They are the expressions of pure joy and lightness. They are made with the intention that they connect people back to their true essence and raise people up to their highest possible vibrations. 

Most of the jewelry here are made from raw crystal stones. These crystals pretty much retained the natural rough forms as they came out of the ground. Various ‘imperfections’ (e.g. inclusions; fissures) are common in raw crystals. In my eyes, the ‘imperfections’ are part of the beauty of crystals. Each piece is unique and has its special expression.

The beauty of raw crystals may not be noticed by all. The jewelry here are made to showcase such amazing aspects of these stones. These pendants also serve to remind us to see the beauty and divinity in us which may have been overlooked by ourselves. Look at a piece of crystal, you will surely see the magic within!

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